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  • Friday, 27th March 2015
  • Brett's backyard rescue

    A heart-warming story about a brave husband and father whose mates have gone beyond the call. Brett Johnson is battling a rare bone cancer. On A Current Affair, the 33-year-old, his wife Casey and their little boy Jack discover what friends are for.
  • Job agencies story update

    On 12 March 2015, A Current Affair broadcast a story about job-seekers and work placement agencies. Nine would like to clarify that the two unnamed women in the story who were shown documents on which their signatures allegedly had been forged were not clients of Max Employment which is the trading name of Max Solutions Pty Ltd.
  • Glad wrap frustration

    A consumer backlash has forced Glad Wrap off the shelves, with Glad now redesigning its new design. On A Current Affair, why the new packaging has caused frustration in kitchens around the country.
  • Jeremy Clarkson's uncertain future

    Jeremy Clarkson's attack on a producer has ended with his sacking from the BBC. Now the Top Gear co-host faces an uncertain future.
  • Wednesday, 25th March 2015
  • Violent brawl between drivers

    A frightening road rage attack filmed by a horrified witness. The violent brawl that ended with a man on the bonnet of a moving vehicle.
  • Your rental bond rights

    The tenants that claim they've been bluffed by their landlord and told to kiss their rental bond goodbye. On A Current Affair, our special investigation into rental bonds and how you can protect your money.
  • The TV subscription breakdown

    The new streaming services that allow you to watch your favourite shows and movies when you want. We've done the homework on the best deals to suit your budget.
  • Australia's biggest phone bill

    Kim Beveridge was hit with a nasty phone bill of nearly $200,000 after having his phone stolen overseas. But his telco, Telechoice has taken him to court demanding he cough up.
  • Tuesday, 24th March 2015
  • Family of local hero shares his legacy

    Roger Bertocci was a loving husband, father and a good Samaritan. But tragically Roger paid the ultimate price for one act of bravery. On A Current Affair, his heartbroken but proud family share his special legacy.
  • The pensioner fined for spitting out a cherry pip

    The Queensland pensioner slapped with a littering fine for spitting out a cherry pip. Dave Ralph is 80-years-old and says he's prepared to go to jail rather than pay a council fine.

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