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  • Monday, 25th May 2015
  • Doc Neeson's Conman to Face Court

    After A Current Affair helped Doc Neeson's partner Annie and son Kieran serve legal papers to a conman who fleeced the dying former Angels frontman out of $100,000, they're finally about to get their day in court.
  • Married At First Sight

    The weddings aren't over on Married At First Sight and tonight, Australia will meet 25-year-old city girl Zoe, communications manager Michelle and two very nervous grooms.
  • Supermarket Markdowns

    Tonight, for the first time, A Current Affair reveals the products, the days and the exact items that get marked down by up to 70 percent.
  • Friday, 22nd May 2015
  • Asleep at the Wheel

    It's the dramatic bare knuckle ride caught on dashcam. Tonight, Brady Halls speaks with an A Current Affair viewer who admits he's lucky to be alive.
  • Missing Kids

    Every year, hundreds of Australian children are abducted by a parent. So in an attempt to stem the rising tide of parental abduction, the Australian Federal Police have launched a campaign to get these kids home.
  • Hip Pain

    More and more people under fifty are lining up for hip replacement surgery and they claim the results are life-changing.
  • Peter Phelps Stung

    This week, Peter Phelps broke the news that his superannuation had been stolen by a bankrupt financial adviser, but sadly he's not the only one.
  • Thursday, 21st May 2015
  • Welfare Wait

    The Australian National Audit Office has found that the average wait time to get hold of Centrelink is nearly 17 minutes. So what's being done about it?
  • Granny Killer

    Grandmother Audrey Dow was well-liked by everyone that knew her. But when a repeat unlicensed driver with a damning criminal history killed her, the only penalty handed down by our justice system was a $4,000 fine.
  • Kids Caught Out On The Internet

    Tonight, with the help of Australian parents and a private investigator, A Current Affair proves just how easy it is for kids to be compromised on the internet.

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