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  • Wednesday, 2nd September 2015
  • Zero Cancer

    He's the little boy with a heart the size of a lion and determination to match. Kain is in remission after a battling a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer.
  • Chinese Theme Park

    A smorgasbord of Chinese culture - complete with fake pandas. But harmony has given way to acrimony - as racial tension sets this China-themed theme park into a controversial rollercoaster of its own.
  • Caged Teen

    It's the story that has prompted wide debate across Australia today – a mother who built a cage in her own home to keep her ice-addicted teenage son safe. Tonight, Daphne talks openly about her battle to keep her son alive.
  • Tuesday, 1st September 2015
  • Public Housing Roof

    For more than five years, Jenny and her children have been waiting for the Housing Commission to fix her dangerous roof.
    Appalling. I feel deeply for the family. May this be the beginning of good things. Well done CA for stepping in.
  • Aldi's Lacura Expansion

    It's the new supermarket skincare range - without the expensive price tags.
  • Suzi Taking Australia by Storm

    She's the 44-year-old single mother of three who - some might say - does a very rude renovation. From Sunday, Suzi Taylor will be front and centrefold on the new season of The Block.
  • Bashed Oldies

    The pensioners under siege in their own home, from a father and son who live across the road.
  • Tough Love

    A loving mother's desperate act of tough love to save her 17-year-old ice-addicted son.
  • Monday, 31st August 2015
  • Vale Bart Cummings

    In 2009, upon the release of his autobiography, Bart Cummings spoke with A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw. Tonight, we bring you the highlights from our interview with the king of the "Sport of Kings".
  • Speed Guns

    How do we know whether the speed gun or breath testing device used by police are working properly and haven't over-inflated readings?

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