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  • Thursday, 26th February 2015
  • The deadly laser game

    The potentially deadly game being played out after dark, where police are the targets. Young men armed with powerful laser lights are pointing them at police helicopters. Now the dramatic new videos as the attackers are caught and locked-up.
  • Cracking down on foreign real estate buyers

    The controversial plan to tax foreign buyers who purchase new residential homes in Australia. It's designed to give first home buyers a better chance of securing property in what's become a cut-throat real estate market. But not everyone's happy.
  • Great skin at supermarket prices

    It's estimated the average woman spends $160,000 on cosmetics and hair care in her lifetime. On A Current Affair, our special guide to the budget moisturisers that'll save you a small fortune.
  • Continuing Tegan's legacy

    A beautiful teenage girl with a beautiful heart. When we first met Tegan Whittle she was fighting a losing battle with bone cancer. But Tegan refused to let it destroy her spirit or her will to help other child cancer sufferers.
  • Wednesday, 25th February 2015
  • Face-to-face with a Great White shark

    Matt Pullella watched as his best mate was killed by a five metre Great White shark. Matt was then forced to make a life-and-death decision to attack the shark as it swam towards him.
  • Bring our heroes home

    The spirited campaign to bring a group of forgotten Aussie heroes home. The diggers were all killed in action during the Vietnam War, but laid to rest in Malaysia and Singapore. Now their families and veterans are fighting to have these men returned and buried in Australia.
  • Tuesday, 24th February 2015
  • Australia's alleged terror fan

    The man accused of being a supporter of terrorism. On A Current Affair, our exclusive undercover surveillance vision of an Australian terrorist sympathiser which raises the question, should he be out on bail?
  • What really happened to April Lee?

    A teenage girl's inspirational story of survival. Last Easter, April Lee Gillen was found close to death by the side of the road. She sits down with Tracy Grimshaw to share her remarkable story.
  • My Kitchen Rules contestant returns serve

    My Kitchen Rules star Adam Anderson has broken his silence. It comes after his former wife claimed he owed thousands of dollars in child support and walked away from his five children.
  • Monday, 23rd February 2015
  • Exposing My Kitchen Rules' deadbeat dad

    The MKR star who may be generous with his meal servings, but not so generous with support for his kids. Adam Anderson stands accused of not paying thousands of dollars in child support. An A Current Affair exclusive report into the man who turned his back on his five young children.

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